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The death of a loved one is always a huge psychological trauma for loved ones and relatives. It is even harder to realize that the deceased will never be near, that he will turn into ashes, or his ashes will completely decompose in the grave. However, today in Ukraine, they offer those who wish a very peculiar and unexpected way out of this difficult situation. Its essence is that the ashes of the deceased after cremation turns into a diamond. And, although such diamonds are obtained artificially, by technology, they are in no way inferior to natural diamonds and have the same properties. Each stone is checked by a specialized laboratory with the issuance of a quality certificate. The size and shape of a diamond are agreed upon when ordering. The manufacturing technology consists in the fact that carbon is emitted from the ashes of the deceased by chemical means. Then it is exposed to ultra-high temperatures and pressures, simulating the natural conditions that existed on our planet in past geological eras. Moreover, the process of transition of carbon to a crystalline state in a diamond plant takes several months, whereas in nature it would take more than one million years. Even the shade of a diamond can be chosen from several options – colorless, yellow, red or blue. DIAMOND FROM ASH | DIAMOND DUST

The gem itself, bearing the ashes of the deceased, can be transferred to the customer either without any rim, or as part of jewelry – a pendant, brooch, ring. Gemstone experts concluded that although such stones are not natural, they continue to carry information about a deceased person, preserving in its structure its carbon code, which each person has, like fingerprints. Very often orders are received for the manufacture of diamonds even from the ashes of pets – dogs, cats, parrots and others. You can get acquainted with manufacturing technology and prices here