How to make secondary raw materials as close as possible to the primary?

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Recycling plastic trash is a good business that, with the right approach, brings many small incomes. To profit was constant and only grew, you need to understand that recycled plastic will need to be sold. Sales of products is a separate issue, but it is important to note that when selling such a material, the characteristics of secondary raw materials will be important. Naturally, the better they are, the more chances to get loyal customers. For the consumer, it is important that the recyclable materials, which will now be several times cheaper than the primary one, are not inferior to the first.
The original quality, of course, is unlikely to be achieved, but it is possible to bring it as far as possible. First of all, it is important that in the early stages of processing plastic waste is taken seriously. What is meant? Sorting is already at home, then separate garbage containers, which will also be disposed of according to the type of waste in them.
Further, at the stage of processing, production needs the right classification by quality (after all, we know that plastic can be of different quality), by color and by the degree of contamination. This does not mean that visually clean garbage is not tedious to wash. Further, careful washing and drying, and after direct processing. Also, we should not forget that there are various labels, packaging, etc. in the waste, which during processing will have a bad effect on quality.
But washing is not the whole range of methods for improving the quality of the secondary product. Cryogenic, thermal or vacuum methods can be used to clean the garbage well. There are methods that allow plastic to be restored in its original qualities. This method is called dissolving. With the help of various solvents plastic is cleaned, and then water vapor helps to restore it. If this technology is fully complied with, then the quality is quite high.
If the plastic waste is simply crushed, the quality will be very far from the desired. Such raw materials can be useful for the manufacture of simple household products. The polymer must act chemically. To do this, during its processing, various components are added, such as wax, slate, lignins, dicumyl peroxide. They are part of the polymer and restore its quality. The main characteristics that need to be restored are those that have been lost due to exposure to sunlight.