Polyethylene film from raw materials of the second grade

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Enterprises that process plastic waste offer a range of recycled products. One of these products is plastic film. What are the features of such a film and how does it differ from the primary one?
Of course, the cost of secondary products will be significantly cheaper, and it does not matter if it is a film or something else. In the case of a film, the difference can be almost half. Of course, such a price will be much more interesting to the consumer if there is no big link to the high quality of the goods. Primary film according to its characteristics is ideal: odorless, transparent, with a long service life. Its first consumers are agricultural workers.
The secondary film is obtained from recycled used film, granule, which passes through all stages of processing at the output will be turbid. She, of course, will not give the degree of transparency that was in raw materials. Polyethylene of the second grade usually has its yellowish tint. The thickness of the primary film can vary within the limits of GOST, but for the secondary there is no such mandatory requirement, which means it can be 30% thinner.
When choosing recycled polyethylene, you need to understand that it is not suitable for all applications. Such a product is not suitable, say for food packaging or medical. It is also not suitable for use in agriculture, in particular for the construction of greenhouses. The fact is that in addition to its opacity, it still has a specific smell. But such a product is perfectly found its use in construction.
To select a high-quality recycled film, it is important to know that its density is less and can be controlled by weighing the product. This is important because in the market many sellers hide the real indicators on this parameter.