Regalia Ltd. “Polymers”

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In Ukraine, the consumption of polymers is growing. The market for secondary raw materials is constantly expanding and more and more new manufacturers are entering it. But not all of them become reliable and responsible, offering truly high-quality products. At the beginning of this year, there are not so many sensible companies in seriously dealing with the problem of recycling plastic waste and producing high-quality polymers. Among such young, but very promising manufacturers and is LLC “Polymers”.
The company Polymers, in spite of its young age, has already positively established itself in the market of polymer products. The fact is that all the company’s employees are not new to this business, but people who are well acquainted with plastic processing, and therefore do their jobs at the highest level.
In the process of processing, all technological processes that are so important for obtaining a high-quality product, close to the quality of the original, are followed. All stages from sorting to direct production are carefully monitored. The company appreciates its existing and potential customers. The reputation that has already taken shape over this relatively short period speaks only of the high professionalism of the employees.
LLC Polymers is focused on long work with the subsequent development and improvement of its technologies. The management plans not only to work well in a given direction, but also to expand its production by attracting new ways and methods of processing. To do this, they are already actively interested in all sorts of new products among equipment designed for working with plastic waste. The most important among all the merits will always be the reviews of satisfied customers who recommend Polymers LLC as reliable and responsible partners.