Pipe made from our low pressure polyethylene

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HDPE or in other words low-pressure polyethylene is a product of recycling plastic waste. Its peculiarity is that polyethylene is produced under low pressure conditions. Plastic pipes are made from this polyethylene.
Why are our pipes so good? All low pressure polyethylene is very durable and will last a very long time. It can withstand various loads, is not afraid of cracks, it is well deformed if necessary. It differs from LDP in durability.
Production methods may be slightly different, with the result that we get two kinds of plastic. The first type is well deformed, less durable and light. And the second is vice versa, durable and more fragile.
Our pipes from PND perfectly maintain temperatures from-60 to +120 degrees. Of course it is better not to bring them to such criticality and use them in conditions of up to +40. The pipes are able to withstand pressure up to 20 atmospheres.
As for the purpose for which to use them, it is safe to say that no matter what substance passes through them on the quality of the pipe will not affect in any way. Plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion, do not let in liquids and gases, and no microorganism can harm them. Unlike ordinary metal pipes, they do not clog due to their internal smoothness. The transported substance is not audible when it moves. And if we talk about how long they will last, then we can safely say that half a century is the minimum.
You will need such a pipe, if you need to lay sewers, water and gas. Our pipes are labeled in accordance with the standards. By the color of the strip you can always understand why this pipe will fit.
Unlike metal, such pipes behave well at low temperatures. They are able to expand in case of lowering degrees, which means they will not break as metallic.